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pic 1-1Welcome to RobbiePhillips.co.uk! 

On this site you will be able to follow my adventures as I climb, train and coach around the world! 

Via my blog you will be able to keep up to date with all my latest news, whether it's a hard route I have climbed, a new lesson I have learned or even updates on competitions/trips I am involved in. 

The Training blog is building into a library of  training knowledge through which you can learn all about how to go about achieving your optimal performance. I will even occasionally get in guest bloggers to discuss certain specialist areas of training knowledge. 

If you peruse around the rest of the site you will find a multitude of exciting features such as movies of me climbing, pictures from various trips and competitions and links to sites belonging to friends and/or people that I feel have a strong link to what I do.

I am a Performance Coach, and thus can be booked for 1:1, Group and even Day coaching sessions. For more information on this, visit my profile or check out the prices section. If you are interested in booking onto one of my already planned Coaching Events or Hoidays, then visit here!